Fotile Kitchen Chimney Range Hood EMS9019 + Fotile Kitchen Built-In Gas Hob GAG86309

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Fotile Kitchen Chimney Range Hood EMS9019

Wider Grease and Smoke Control Zone

  • The Innovative Surround Suction Technology increase the smoke accumulation area of the Fotile W to 0.12m² to ensure that grease and smoke cannot escape from any of the 4 sides of the hood.

Full Acceleration

  • The innovative M-shaped canopy is paired with the Wing-like Surround Suction Plate, which has a 3° tilt angle, to create a narrow passage in between two wide openings for a faster and more efficient extraction.

Multiple Smoke Inlet Paths

  • Fotile W Wing-liked Surround Suction Plate achieves a multi-path, simultaneous grease and smoke extraction with a larger amount of smoke intake per unit.


Fotile Kitchen Built-In Gas Hob GAG86309

Efficient. Powerful. Stable

Efficient Air Inlet

  • Patented Jet Collision Technology allows the gas and air to mix efficiently.
  • Patent no : ZL200810061722.2

Efficient Mixture

  • Stores large amount of gas to stabilize combustion.

Efficient Burning

  • Oxygrab burner to ensures that maximum air can be accumulated to allow efficient burning.

Efficient Energy Saving

  • EPS burner has runned the gas consumption test with boiling 1kg water to 95ºC. The result showed that saving 14% gas compared with other.

40° Flame Angle Burning Tech

  • This energy-saving and environmentally friendly feature provides the widest contact area between the flame and the cookware to increase the burning efficiency of the hob. This also achieved by increasing the heating efficiency by up to 60%.

Stewing to Stir-Frying

  • From stewing to Stir-frying, the EPS Burner Can do it.

Additional information

Weight58.5 kg
Dimensions90 × 52 × 75 cm
Hood Specifications

Certification: CB, SAA
Material of hood: 90cm wide stainless steel with black panel surface design
Unrestrained airflow (m3/hr): 1400
Motor Power (W): 200
Max Static Pressure (Pa): 350
Noise Level (dB): 52
No. of Speeds Fan Control: 3
Illumination Power in LED (W): 2W x 1
Type of hood: Chimney hood
Oil Filtration Rate: 95%
Odor Reduction Rate: 97%
Automatic Turbo System: NO
Smart Smoke and Sound Detection: NIL
Intelligent Air Management: NO
Anion Sterilization: NO
3D Ionized Air Curtain: NIL
Gas & Heat Sensor: NIL
Delay Off Function: YES
Control Mode: Illuminated touch control
Type of Filter: Corrugated Filter
Special Features: NIL
Power Supply: 220V-240V/50-60hZ
Dimension W x D x H (mm): 900 x 520 x (650-940)

Hob Specifications

Certification: CE, PSB, SNI
Technology of Hob: EPS Technology
No of Burners: 3
Surface Material: Tempered glass
Pan Support: Cast iron grate
Gas Type: LPG / NG
Heating Load (kW): L: 4.85 M: 1.75 R: 4.85
Heat Efficiency ≥ 60%: > 60%
Fast Ignition: YES
Flame Failure Device (FFD): YES
Safety Ignition Pin: YES
Dimension W x D (mm): 860 x 500
Built-in Sizes W x D (mm): 816 x 460


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